War Thunder Golden Eagles Hack [100% Safe]

War Thunder has become one of the most played war games of our present time. It has its shortcomings, but we have found a solution to make it better. What is needed in the game to become even more playable is the war thunder golden eagles hack¬†which can deliver free eagles on a daily basis. But first what are golden eagles? Why is there a ‘daily limit’ and who can use this hack and how can be used to gain free golden eagles in war thunder? It is actually pretty simple and can be used by anybody. If you believe there is no necessity for free eagles in war thunder, than it means this program is not for you.

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War Thunder Golden Eagles Hack and Why We Need It

The game is a playground a variety of players from all over the world. Many players from different social and financial backgrounds are taking part in the battle of the skies. Not just US, but also players from Germany, UK, Poland, Russia and so on. Some countries do not have the same financial resources as it happens in USA or even UK. Whilst players from USA or UK can easily afford to buy golden eagles, it is different for players from, let’s say, Poland.

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The prices of golden eagles are the same for every country. This is making it hard for other players having the same experience as other players from wealthier countries. This is why a war thunder golden eagles hack is required. It will make the game more baanced for players all around the world. This what for is this hack created. To bring balance within the game by having more players having access to more golden eagles.

How Many Free Golden Eagles

On the official war thunder hack page it says that you can generate a maximum of 19000 free golden eagles daily if your account is eligible. However, you can also receive as low as 5000 free golden eagles per 24 hours if yur account does not meet the requirements. First and foremost your account needs to be at least 1 month old. Secondly you would need to have an account which does not buy golden eagles on a regular basis. If your account does not have an extensive history of purchasing golden eagles you have increased chances of receiving the maximum of 19000 free golden eagles within a 24 hours time span.

Why The Limit

The limit of the war thunder golden eagles hack has many advantages. Firstly, it prevents the game of having too many players that do not buy golden eagles anymore. This would cut the financial income required to run the game at optimum levels. Secondly, the game would not be as balanced. The main purpose of this war thunder golden eagles hack is to make the game more balanced for players. Some of the players may easily afford buying eagles whilst other maybe never afford to buy it. We just want to bring an extra chance against wealthier enemies for the folks that cannot afford the golden eagles. Thirdly, our servrers have their own resources. Generating limited amounst per account will help maintain our servers on optimum levels and in working conditions.

War Thunder Golden Eagles Hack Video Tutorial

The war thunder golden eagles hack is easy to use. On the official page (http://chance-cheats.online/war-thunder-hack/) you will have to enter the account username, select the amount of free golden eagles and select your location. And most importantly you have to activate the safety features located above the generate button. The time spawn between starting the process of generating free golden eagles and until you receive the golden eagles into your account can take as much as 10 minutes depending on the number of users using the program in the same time.