Growtopia Gem Generator For EASY, FAST Gems

The world of growtopia is a world of diversity, fun experiences and creativity. Like most sandbox type of games, in Growtopia you have the freedom to do whatever you want using the tools and means imposed by the game. You can create your own world starting from nothing. However, to be to do this you need free gems. Gems are a very important aspect of growtopia. Without gems you can hardly build anything. This is what this growtopia gem generator is created for. To help you build more by giving you more gems to use.

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Free Growtopia Gems

Gems can be used for multiple purposes. Mainly you will buy various items or game packs. Check this forum thread for more information about how to spend your gems wisely. You can also exchange items for other items. Gems are the game’s currency and they will help you a lot in enhancing the overall experience. Playing growtopia using the growtopia gem generator is a lot more fun and enjoyable experience. This new tool will be able to deliver safely and easily lots of free gems into your growtopia account.

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A Safe Hack – A Limited Hack

Most important aspect regarding this gem generator is the ability to keep your account safe. You spend a lot of time building worlds in Growtopia. Our work would be detrimental to your overall experience if we would not be capable of making a totally safe growtopia gem generator. To reach our main goal of creating a safe experience we had to take some rather drastic measures. First and foremost, you will not be able to generate more than 100000 free gems each day into your account. This ensures your account stays within the safe zone. It will help you become invisible to the cheaters detection algorithm. However, this alone is not enough so there is one more specific feature that keeps your account safe.

There is an option that needs to be activated when using our growtopia gem generator. This option is the “Payment Emulation” feature which will make your account look as if you have been paying for your gems. This growtopia hack will deliver specific amounts of free gems – 5000, 12000, 40000. These are the same amounts you can buy from the store. This limit together with the payment emulation feature is what makes this growtopia generator the safest hack for free gems created thus far. There are also other positive aspects when taking these ‘limits’ into consideration. Click on the image below to get to the free gems website.

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Positive aspects of the Growtopia Gem Generator

Imagine how would it have been being able to generate unlimited amounts of free gems. If would be able to do that everyone else would also do it. Growtopia is not a fun game anymore if people would have access to unlimited free gems. The limits implemented within our growtopia generator will keep players within the boundaries of what makes this game so enjoyable. With unlimited free daily gems, the game would soon become invaluable and unnatractive. It gives just as much as to keep the game playable and more fun compared to not having free gems.

How to Use the Growtopia Generator

This is the easiest game hack you will come across. All you need is to enter your username, select the amount of free gems from the menu. Select your location and most importantly: activate the safety features. Without activating these features on your own there is no guarantee that your account will not be banned. Lastly, click the generate button and wait until the process is finished. Depending on the amounts of users you can wait anywhere between 2-10 minutes until the total amount of gems are delivered into your account. You can also check out this video tutorial on how to use the growotopia hack to get your free gems.